Wax Approval Forms

This was an email back, in reference to why we need to still fill out wax approval forms, while when we skip wax, the final piece still comes out fine.


So, when a job is “in progress” and we get approval to go straight to finishing, it is a job for us that is open, all the details handy, and we simply move it along.  However, once a job goes out for wax approval, we close it on our end.  We do this for many reasons but mostly because we only get back about 50% of the waxes for finishing.  So to keep them open and wait for if/when they come back is not feasible.  Once the job is closed, when it comes back for finishing the details of what CH is being asked to do is super helpful.  Sometimes the wax comes back and says “please proceed” but when we call to ask we are told to cast only.  Or sometimes the job comes back and says “proceed to cast” but when we call to ask we are told to supply set and completely finish the job.  Having this form gets us all on the same page of next step expecations.


I hope that clears things up a bit more for you.  Let me know if I can provide any additional information.

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